PDFCreator from Remote Location

My business software is hosted by a remote server. For normal printers, I set up a generic/text printer- on the hosted server- with a name like PD (aka Printer D.) The remote server sends the print job to a local port ( which is connected by a VPN to my local server. On my local server, I add a printer and share it with the same name as the remote server “PD”. I then point my this printer to the ip address of “printer D”. Everything works great. 

I set up PDFCreator on my local server thinking I would just use the “share name” to have documents automatically save as a pdf. I get the print job from the remote server and I can pause it etc, and it goes through without any errors. However, once it processes nothing happens. No new file is created, no error log is recorded. I think it has to do with the driver on the remote server?