PdfCreator in webservice , using ASP.net 2.0 and COM interface

Hi all,

i'm building an web service in asp.net. The information received in the web service method is saved in html file. Then this html file must be converted to pdf Format.

i'm using pdfcreator to accomplish this conversion, it works on development machine but in production server i have several inconsiste behaviours.

First, i'd like to ear from you , have you implemented this combination of pdfcreator + asp.net + web services + IIS sucessfully ? what are the tricks ?

My first "workaround" was related to security issues, i just cannot start pdfcreator until i change the "launch and activation permission" under administrative tools -> dcom config -> pdfcreator.clspdfcreator (adding full permissions for aspnet/iiusr_xxx/network service user)

any more tricks ? please share

best regards

Rui Madaleno



Hi Rui,

I'm doing the same thing and I'm having the same problem. I'm using PDF Creator 1.2.3.

The development was made on a Windows XP 32bits SP3 and it's working fine.

Deploying on a Windows Server 2008 32 bits, the program stucks / hangs when tries to start the PDFCreator.; on this line:

if (!_PDFCreator.cStart("/NoProcessingAtStartup", false))

I was doing a lot of tests but I still couldn't figure out the problem.

When I have some news about it will let you now.



I made some progress.

If you create a new app pool and set it to run as super user (ex domain/administrator) the cStart did not fail.

But, it then get stuck at cPrintFile call. I can see a WINWORD process running (my test tries to convert a .doc to .pdf)

Don't know why.

I've made a separate test, invoking it as a console app, and it worked well.

Maybe there is another dcom to set some permissions, but not sure.