PDFCreator installation crashes

I am currently trying to install PDFCreator 1.6.2 on my computer (Windows 7 64bits, service pack 1). I have to use this specific version and not another one due to compatibility issues with another program.

 - I launch the setup in administrator mode, check "Expert settings"

 - I accept the agreements

 - I choose the Server Installation

 - I Click on "next", let the default printer's name "PDFCreator"

 - I do not check the box "Windows 2000/XP/2003 - 32bit" and click next

 - I choose the directory in which I want to install it (C:...\\PDFCreator)

 - I just uncheck "PDFArchitect" and let everything else by default

 - I let the program's shortcut name in the start menu folder by default (PDFCreator)

 - At the next page I also let everything by default (create a desktop icon for all users, create an entry in the Windows Explorer context menu)

 - Click on next, the summary of the installation is displayed, click on Install

 - The bar goes through the end, then "Create an entry in the Windows Explorer context menu" is displayed and a error pops-up which says "During the printer installation errors have occured. A detailed description can be found in the file "SetupLog.txt" in application path.

 - I click on "OK", and the last setup page is displayed. I uncheck all the boxes (launch PDFCreator, SetupLog.txt, show help), click finish and the setup crashes.

PDFCreator does not appear in the printers and if I try to add one manually by clicking on "add a printer", select "add a local printer", "create a new port", port type : "pdfcmon", I can click on "next" but it has no effect so I am a bit stuck.

Do you have an idea why does the installation crashes ? What should I do to make it work ?

The content of the file "SetupLog.txt" is available here : http://textup.fr/150656vz

As you can see : 

Printername: PDFCreator
Drivername : PDFCreator
Portname : pdfcmon

Result: Error 1796 = Le port spécifié est inconnu

I get an error 1796 : The specified port is unknown.
I really do not know how to fix this, I wanted to uninstall and reinstall W7 SP1 but as the SP1 was installed at the same time as W7, I cannot uninstall it.

Do you have an idea how to fix this problem ?