PDFCreator isn't redirected in remote desktop

Hello there,

I am having this weird issue with some of my users at my company. We always install PDFCreator when we install a new computer, but some still don't have it. Few days ago a user asked me if she could get it too because it was convenient for the e-mail option with the published application she used.

So I took latest version of PDFCreator on the website and installed it on her computer, started the remote application, and PDFCreator never showed up on the printer & devices list as redirected (like others stuff like printers or microsoft print to pdf etc.)

I don't get it because we don't have any GPO that would forbid this and other users with exactly same setup next to her have the PDFCreator redirected in the remote desktop (the same one) and can use it.

Already tried to install same version as the co-workers (was the 2.4.1), didn't work. Checked DNS entries, they were OK.
Any clue?