PDFcreator launched with Scheduled task


I'm running XP SP3 - Office 2003 (access ) and PDFcreator 0.9.9 (previous version uninstalled with the /force switch). I'm calling PDFcreator with sample provided by files copied in the C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\COM\\MS Office.

The pb i'm facing is the following.

-no pb to get PDF file when used inside an interactive session

-but the same routine used from a sceduled task is wrong:

1) two PDFcreator process is created and one still running after the set xxx=nothing

2) the .outputfileanme returns "xxxx.pdf.pdf" !!! and of course doesn't exist

3) in the windows event viewer i'have got a message: Source: Application Popup; Id Event: 26; PDFcreator did not succeed to start (0x0000142).

4) I tried on different account (included admin) with same result.

5) unfortunately same thing with 0.9.8 version

Does somebody faced that or can help me. I get mad !! Thank you in advance.