PDFCreator-like printer driver that outputs PCL files instead of PDF files?

I've been using an ancient version of PDFCreator for a long time to act as a windows printer and render to PDF files - it has worked very well.

I now need to do something similar, except output to PCL file instead of PDF file. I'm looking for a printer driver (like PDFCreator shows up as a Windows printer) that renders output of an arbitrary Windows application (word, excel, browser, etc.) into a PCL file that would be printed to interim storage file, and then delivered to a PCL printer elsewhere and/or later.

Although I could post-process PDF files into PCL one way or another, I'd prefer to avoid such a step if there's something that's more streamlined to provide this sort of function.

Is this already a feature of PDFCreator, or is there another such solution I should look for?

Thank you!