PDFCreator loses characters when converting html to pdf


We've been using PDFCreator (v 0.9.5) on a server in a main frame openvms environment. It's used to convert html documents into pdf's on a windows server, by sending the html to the server, converting it and bringing it back into openvms.

It's been relatively stable, but recently the pdf documents started losing characters in sentences or amounts.
For example, an amount of 123,456,789.01 will show as 1 3,45 , 89.01. So the number 2, 6 and 7 are missing. Similarly, instead of printing the word MEMBER PRE TAX it prints MEMBE P TAX.
The html do not have any characters or values missing. The documents span at least 4 pages depending on the membership.

I know that members will say upgrade, and we are working on that.
I'd like for members to provide advice if they know about this or have resolved this.

Thanks in advance.