PDFCreator NETFramework 3.5


I’m trying to add reference of PDFcreator to Visual Studio 2008 but is failing.

I think is because the refence is done to netframework 4.

Is any possible to add the PDFcreator reference to visual studio 2008???


Hi, did you try to reference the PDFCreator.exe or the .tlb?

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Hi Robin

If i add reference PDFcreator.tlb is show the message:

"A reference to ‘C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PDFCreator.tlp’ could not be add.

The ActiveX type library ’ ‘C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PDFCreator.tlp’ was exported from .NET assembly and cannot be add as a reference.

Add a reference to the .NET assembly instead"

if i add reference PDFcreator.exe in Error List show the warning:

“Warning 1 Could not resolve this reference. Could not locate the assembly “PDFCreator”. Check to make sure the assembly exists on disk. If this reference is required by your code, you may get compilation errors.”

Thanks i will wait for your feedback


I am pretty sure you will need NET 4.0 but I will ask our developers.

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Hi Robin

Any news about the problem???

If only works with net 4.0 it is any alternative to work with older net framworks like 3.5???



Hi Rui,

unfortunately it only works with 4.0 and I am afraid there is no alternative.

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