PDFCreator not printing PDFs, but printing from normal printer?


Alright so here is my problem. I work in an office where I have to print PDFs on a daily basis and everyone uses PDFCreator, without any issue, except for me. When I go to print, instead of normal pop-up one gets from using PDFcreator, the item I am trying to print goes directly to my HP printer giving me a paper copy.

At first I thought it was my HP printer. So I updated the drivers (Didn’t work), I clean reinstall of both the HP Printer and the PDFCreator (Neither worked), I removed every printer from my computer except for the PDFCreator (Didn’t work, but I did get an error that said “0 -”)

I don’t know what else to try. Any suggestions?


it is hard to tell what wnet wrong from here, one thing you could try is to use the preview version to our new PDFCreator: http://forums.pdfforge.org/discussion/11150/testers-wanted-pdfcreator-rewrite-preview-version#Item_1
It is unclear if this will solve your problem, but since this is not being reported by other users it is most likely some problem with your system configuration.