PDFCreator not safe?

I could not download PDF creator because Norton said it had the following malware: WS.Reputation.1. What is the situation?

I had a similar issue. The Sourceforge page for PDF creator appears compromised (though having downloaded the PDFCreator installer from their page instead of SF I have also gotten virus warnings and so it would appear to me that PDFCreator is now being bundled with Malware/Junkware/spyware/etc

Here are the warnings from ESET when trying to install it on a machine.

If I had to guess, the developers of the application got paid a good amount of money for putting this junk in with their “Free” software and thus are not going to respond to any of these issues being posted and if they do, I assume they will give an excuse about being a false positive.

Ultimately this comes down to Free as in Beer vs Free as in Speech, if the software was truly free, it would be open source, instead its only free in the sense that you dont have to pay for it at the time of download or install…but you will pay for it in the long run when you identity gets stolen or your private information is sold to unsavory folks

Here is an Imgur album of the warnings received


there have always been offers included in the free versions setup and depending on the excact warning message, we would indeed call it a false positive. What is included in the setup is an offer screen which displays optional offers, but the offers will not be installed without your permission. While this can be called a PuP (potentially unwanted application), calling it a virus or spyware is false, even malware is an incorrect term as this means installing without the users consent. So the warnings you received are correct, but a potentially unwanted application doesn’t mean its dangerous, it just means seing an offer screen during the setup is not wanted by everybody and therefore potentially unwanted.
You can also upload the setup file to virustotal.com to see the majority of anti-virus software doesn’t find anything.
An ad free installer is also available for a small license fee here:

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