PDFCreator on 2008 R2

So I used to have a Windows 2003 server and ran PDFCreator on it … several “printers” writing PDFs to different folders on the network.  Worked pretty good

Now I have a new print server … 2008R2 64bit.  Installed  1.7 and it seemed to install OK. First odd thing was that only the local adim could create a printer. ID I was using was in local adim group but … so OK … login to set things up as local then switch to Network account …

I write to the que but nothing happens … no errors … nothing … and no PDF creation.  So first … is it OK to run on 2008R2? … 64bit?  What else am I missing?

I should have said version … several really from current and then backing down 1.3 with no luck … pretty much same response.