PDFCreator - one page file, prints as blank, alternative SW's work

I have a Word document (single page, with many graphics). When printed to file using PDFCreator v3.0.2.8660, the .pdf file looks OK on screen, but prints as a blank page on both our colour printer (Canon MG6400) and B&W printer (Brother HL2150N).

The same Word document printed using alternative software “PDF995” gives a file that prints OK on both printers.

The same Word document printed using Mac Word 2011 and the Mac’s own “save to PDF” produces a 3.7MB file which prints OK also.

EDIT: Here’s a ZIP file with the Word Doc, the specific TTF font, and the three output .PDF files:


thanks for the feedback and example files.
I am afraid I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue here. The file “all Roll and Spell colour pdf creator wont print.pdf” printed fine from Adobe Reader DC / Sumatra PDF / PDF Architect 5 to our office Ricoh printer and all virtual printers.
It might help setting the output format to PDF/X in the PDFCreator profile settings, as that format is directly intended for printing. Another possible work around might be printing from a different viewer.

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Thanks for trying that. The "all Roll and Spell colour pdf creator wont print.pdf” file also printed OK for me when I tried today using Mac OSX Preview to the Brother HL2150N.
The problems occur for us when printing from Windows 10, build 1703. Could that be a factor?