Pdfcreator phones home


when installing Pdfcreator 1.3.0 the setup program connects to a site named "piwik.pdfforge.org" and transmits my IP address, location, language, Windows version, Internet Explorer version, Pdfcreator version and more without my consent or knowledge. How can this be prevented, except by blocking this site on the firewall, which is rather a workaround than a solution?


PDFCreator does a single call to check for updates during the setup. This call only includes the Language you chose for the setup, the version of PDFCreator and whether it is an update install or not. While accessing the internet, of course the IP address is transfered as well. Information as Windows Version, Browser and such are not included in the call. If they are appended by Windows to the HTTP-Request, they are not evaluated on our side.

They would land in the web server log, but we are anonymizing IP-Adresses there, so that's no problem either.

Currently, blocking the site in your firewall is the only way to prevent that.

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