PDFCreator Plus 1.9.3 "Wait - collect"

In version 1.7.3 i often use the feature to merge multiple documents into a single file. In version 1.9.3, i can not find the option “Wait - Collect”, is no longer provided this function? It will be implemented later?
Thank you.

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The function is there. It just isn’t very obvious. Just print you first document and when the PDFCreator window pops up, don’t click on anything, but leave it open and continue printing other documents. Once you have printed more then one document, a manage jobs button will appear on the PDFCreator print dialog and you can use that to merge your documents.

Hello khagaroth,
following your procedure everything works fine.

Thank you very much.

Why on earth not refine this “Wait-collect” feature is one of the most useful pdf features of pdf printers I ever saw?