PDFCreator preserve original PDF files

We have implemented PDFCreator and use this as front-end for our document archiving solution.
We make extensive use of the profiles in PDFCreator to automatically save PDF's on the right location.
However, is it possible that, when "printing" a PDF file, instead of creating an entire new PDF file, to just use the original PDF file?
In many cases this saves (a lot) in file size, because a text PDF is not "printed" to an image PDF.

Small bump on this.
Does anyone have a solution?
When we merge 2 PDF's of 1 and 2 MB, the output result is 17(!!!) MB!
When I print a PDF of 14 MB, the result is 20MB!

This is not acceptable as the source is already a PDF file and should just be copied 1 on 1.

Hi PDFForge, any comments on this?
Your program has good fuctions, especially the profiles which is not present in any other PDF printer as far as I have seen.
But your tool generating such large PDF files is starting to work against us, as we do a lot with documents, and pressure is growing to find a solution for smaller files.