PDFCreator printer fails with 'Arabic Transparent Fonts'

Hi Experts,

please reproduce that bug on Windows XP as follows:

garbage characters when print 'arabic transparent' fonts on Windows XP

Steps to Reproduce:

1- add 'Arabic' to the keyboard input languages
1.1- go to 'Control Panel'->'Regional and Language Options' 
1.2- select 'Install files for complex script and 
right-to-left languages (including Thai)'
1.3- click 'Apply'
1.4- restart the computer
1.5- add 'Arabic (Tunisia)' to the Keyboard Input Languages
2- open Notepad
3- go to Format->Font
4- choose 'Arabic Transparent'
5- click 'OK'
6- change keyboard input text to 'Arabic'
7- write some text
8- print with PDF Creator 1.6.2
9- all you get is garbage characters

Sincerely yours