PDFCreator : printing a document to just a single file

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                         I just discovered and installed PDFCreator (3.1.0) Free, to save any document to JPEG. As everybody knows, this is a accomplished in PDFCreator by "printing" to a PDFCreator "printer". Then, you choose JPEG format and it just works. There is only one problem though. Let's say I want to convert a 4 pages Word document : PDFCreator then "prints" to four jpg files (001 to 004); what I want is just ONE jpg document containing the whole document. I have been looking for the settings ajustment to do that but I can't find it. Does somebody know ?


the JPEG format doesn’t support multiple pages, .tif is the only image format supported by PDFCreator which can be used as multi-page image format.

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Thank you for your fast reply. I would just like to make sure I was well understood, though. The result I want is not a multiple page JPG, but a single JPG, akin to what I would get using the web utility FileMerge.

The reason I installed (and discovered) PDFCreator is that to translate Word and other documents to jpg, and fuse them together in a single file, I used web utilities like the one I just mentioned. But, I’m uncomfortable about doing it this way (security).


I am afraid PDFCreator can’t combine multiple documents into a single page jpeg.

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@paqueta, I assume you want to create a panorama picture, right? I suggest to take a look at IrfanView.

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