PDFCreator puts a title in the pdf body when converting a text file and have incorrect file name

Dear friends, I have been using PDFCreator for a long time. Now I have an interesting and serious problem using Windows 7. My only task is to convert txt file into PDF. Using version 1.2.1 in XP the conversion in right: the name of the PDF file is the same as the txt and the PDF looks exactly as the txt. Now, in Win 7 and using any version the PDF file name is "filename.txt. Notepad.pdf" If I use the option no change the filenaname it can correct Notepad="" but does not work with the whole ".tx_ Notepad"="". The other important issue is that now the first line of the resultant pdf is the name of the txt file, i.e. "filename.txt". Is there a way to have just the text file name converted to .pdf? Is the a way to avoid that first line containing the text file name within the pdf?



it all depends very much on the application you are printing from. Try using a different editor (notepad++ is known to work well).

The filename substitution only work for exacly identical strings, so make sure there is no typing mistake (e.g in your example it needs to be ".txt Notepad" ).