PDFCreator Reference for MS Access\\Excel missing?

I plan to use PDFCreator within MS Access to open and convert Excel files to PDF.

I found some code on this site that works well on my desktop but fails on others because the reference is missing.

My company pushes PDFCreator to all desktops, however, while attempting to add the reference to it in Access or Excel it is not listed as a selection?

I downloaded the app on my desktop myself and it is there, so I can select the reference and the VBA works properly  but no one else in the office who has had the app pushed by the company has it abd the VBA fails for them.  So was it possible they left something out with their install?

More importantly, how do I either get the reference added to their systems so the VBA code will work or is there a way to code that does not require the reference?  (I tried using the "late binding" code example but it fails..I'm not too familiar with the vba coding to understand why)




Is this forum empty or not monitored?