Pdfcreator saves on other workstations

When an end-user prints with pdfcreator. The "Save" box appears on other workstation(s), instead of the local machine. Sometimes it will pop up on one station and sometimes a completely different one. All the machines are in the same office, all of which are on the same network.

What is causing this?


workstation is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and pdfcreator version 1.7.1


My guess is that the printers are being shared on the network and the Save box appears on the computer from where the printer is being shared. The solution would be to ensure none of the printers are shared. Printing to a locally installed printer will result in the Save box appearing correctly.

all printers are shared printers. its a doctors office and every user needs to be able to print to ANY location.

I fixed it by the way.  I uninstalled and rebooted the system and then installed the most current version.