PDFCreator seems to not be able to keep up with Print output, any ideas?

We are using PDFCreator to print out records from a database, the vendor’s program is poorly written for printing and instead of sending out the print as one print job it creates however many print jobs as items.  This could be from 10 - 100 jobs getting printed within 20 seconds with about 15 jobs a second.  PDFCreator does a great job most of the time but on larger jobs we get an error within the vendor’s program basically saying it failed to print, and no errors within PDFCreator.  If we print to a normal printer it prints everything fine but in some cases it can be 100’s of pages. 

Any idea on what I can do to help stop this from happening?

We are using Windows 7 PDFCreator v1.7.1 


you could test our rewritten version on this if you like: http://forums.pdfforge.org/discussion/11150/testers-wanted-pdfcreator-rewrite-preview-version#Item_1
It is a preview version and not 100% stable and tested yet, but there is a chance it will work better for your situation.



OK so after testing the rewrite on this issue, not only does it work much better on this type of printing, it seems to make the files smaller, bonus!  It is developer so it crashed a few times for me but when it ran it ran perfectly; even if I have to redo the print 3-4 times its better than 1 at a time by hand.