PDFCreator-Server 2.3.0 X86 drivers

Hi! I have a 30-day trial install for PDF Creator Server 2.3. I installed it on a 64bit server. I can not find any options for X86 32bit drivers during the install or config. I have searched the local install folders and did not find any INF files that would work either. I need to be able to install this on an X86 or X64 machine (i don’t care which ever works best as per your suggestions) bt I need both x86 and x64 machines to be able to print to the shared PDF printer, how can I accomplish this?


there is no server version 2.3.0, the latest version for PDFCreator Server is 1.1.1.
What is the name of the setup file you received from us? Perhaps there was some kind of misunderstanding.
The Server Edition should install drivers for both environments automatically.

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