PDFCreator Server CS-Script logger not working

I have a 30 day trial license for version 2.1.1 Build 8646, and I'm trying to write / debug a CS-Script. I am using logger.debug, but it is not doing anything. I have checked the Event Viewer log, and the PDFCreatorServer.log file, and there is nothing there.

Here is the C#:

using NLog;
using pdfforge.CustomScriptAction;
using pdfforge.PDFCreator.Conversion.Jobs.Jobs;
using pdfforge.PDFCreator.Conversion.Settings;
using pdfforge.PDFCreator.Utilities.Tokens;

public class PdfCreatorScript : IPDFCreatorScript
public ScriptResult PostConversion(Job job, Logger logger)
logger.Debug("This is a test");

    return ScriptResult.Abort;

public ScriptResult PreConversion(Job job, Logger logger)
    return ScriptResult.Success;


How can I debug / print out values of different properties?


they will get logged to the PDFCreator Server Event Viewer log.
However, the logging level acts as a filter and is set to "error" by default, which will filter out all less severe log entries. Setting the logging level to "debug" should solve the issue.

Best regards


Hi Robin,

Thanks for the response. I did change the logging level and that did not work. I did get it working, but I had to copy all the required dll’s (NLog.dll, etc.) into the CS-Scripts folder. I could not find this in any documentation, but it started working after I copied them.


thanks for the feedback.
I didn't have anything in my CS-Scripts folder except for the actual script, but will check again on a fresh virtual machine to see if anything might be missing or I overlooked something.

Best regards


FYI, this is on Windows Server 2019. Also, I had to create the CS-Scripts folder. It was not there when I installed the software.

The folder and example script were also missing in my fresh installation and I have created a ticket to get this fixed, but after copying the folder with only the script inside it to the Server 2019 VM, the logging instantly worked.
Did you restart the service after changing the log level, or did you already set the log level to debug or higher to begin with?

I changed the logging level to Debug, but I don't think I restarted the service. I know I did reboot, and the logging still wasn't working until I copied all dll's to the CS-Scripts folder. I did notice that there was no path for this installation in the server's Environment Variables, perhaps that could be the reason?

I do regret to inform you that we will not be purchasing PDFCreator Server. I just found out that this will be a recurring cost of $1,000 a year, which is not in our budget. Maybe if it was a one time cost, but not yearly.

I do want to thank you for your time, and help.