PDFCreator Server - Documents do not appear in network share until Service restarted

I just moved from a trial version of PDFCreator Server to v1.0.1 Build 266.  We are now having an issue where our documents do not appear in our network share until we restart the PDFCreator Service.  The software is installed on a Windows 2008 R2 print server.  How do i resolve this?


we are currently looking into this but are positive it can be solved, as it only happens on some machines. Did you already contact us by email additionally? If not, please do so, as it will make it easier to track down the problem and ensure you get the solution as soon as we find it.

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Hello Robin,
We appear to be having this issue today since upgrading to V 1.2.0 Build 30158 last night.
Please advise.
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Hi Anthony,

if I remember correctly the cause was the pdfcmon.dll (our print monitor) not getting replaced during the update.
Which version does your pdfcmon.dll have in %Windir%\system32? It should be 0.9.7, if it isn't, then please uninstall, check if the pdfcmon.dll is deleted and install again afterwards. It seems there are some situation in which the setup can't halt the spooling subsystem in order to replace the file.

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