PDFCreator Server Support Non Existant

We are currently trialing PDFCreator Server.

I raised a support case via the Web Form and got a reply back from support@pdfforge.org back on 30/04 and subsequently provided screenshots and debug logs.

I've chased a couple of times now since, and have still not got a reply from support. It appears I'm simply being ignored.

If the issue can be resolved and we can prove our POC, we will likely purchase the product, but as Support appears to be non existent we will likely be looking for an alernative product following the weekend.

Not good.

Hi @BPStuart

I can't find your message from April 30th. Did you, by any chance, contact the PDF Architect support or the payment support? Fortunately, it seems you managed to get in touch with the PDFCreator support team on May 6th.

If you'd like us to investigate the issue please send me the email conversation from April 30th via direct message.

Kind regards