PdfCreator sometimes doesn't generate all pages!


This is a very dangerous problem which could stop us and our customers from adopting pdfcreator.

It sometimes happens, for big reports (more than 10,000 pages) that pdfcreator doesn't print all pages. There are no reported errors but, when you open the generated pdf, you see only a subset of the total pages.

I am using version 0.9.6 under windows (various flavors: 2003, 2000, xp).

Thanks for any help or tip (it is quite urgent).



Could you be more specific on what document you are printing and how?

I know of at least a situation in which all only a subset of pages are printed: if you are re-printing a .pdf file that had been itself generated by merging different .pdf files created by pdf creator.

I have called for help in the Help forum, post named "  Pb with Page numbering in merged pdf  " dated 03/11/2010 - 08:25; but I have received no answer sofar.


Are you haveing the web page printing issue mentioned


We also never got a response on that.






The report is generated by a Delphi written client server application.

Report Builder is the report engine library.

The report is redirected by the user to "real" printer or virtual pdf driver.

The main characteristic of this report is that it uses bitmap images as background. These keep the pdf generated size quite big.

I think that this could cause trouble generating pages. A Wind2pdf old version (2.4) seems handle this while the last one seems not (not generating any file with no error messages). File size is almost 3 GB

No it is not a web page

thanks anyway