PDFCreator startup window


I have a problem with startup window:

I can't get it to disappear ie. close.

I updated PDFCreator from previous version (don't remember which one) and after that, every time I print something with PDFCreator, this window pops-up and stays there until I close it.

I tried uninstalling and installing PDFCreator from scratch but that did not help.

Could you please help me solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

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Can somebody please address this?


which version does your pdfcmon.dll have? (it is located in Windows\system32).
The start screen issue might be related to a problem with replacing this file during the uninstall/update procedure. It should have version

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Hi Robin!

Thank you so much for the reply!
You were right. The DLL version was
When I tryed to replace it, the system kept saying that the file was in use but I cound not figure out by what process.
I had to start computer in safe mode in order to replace it.
Everything works fine now.
Thank you!

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Hi Tom,

replacing the pdfcmon.dll can be a bit tricky, usually it is in use by the Windows spooling subsystem. While we do have multiple checks and methods to deal with this in our setup, it seems that there are still some conditions under which our setup can’t replace the file automatically. We will try to find out why this is happening in order to improve future updates.

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