PDFCreator still wants the Dell Resource CD

I tried the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

maybe this can help you: http://en.pdfforge.org/content/after-installing-pdfcreator-ms-office-ins... kind regards, Philip

and it did not fix this problem for me. I have Version 0.9.8 and WinXP SP3.

Don't know how many others experience this problem.  Could it be a bug?

It seems to me that a while back I actually ran the Resource CD as it wanted and that provided only a temporary fix before the problem recurred.

Three or four cancels later the request for the CD goes away but this isn't a good advertisement for the program.

Other than this I love the program and use it fairly often- I guess this is why that Resource CD thing bothers me so much.


your link is broken, anyway you have not really admit that :

dell is not sourceforge.net and means commercial agreement whith windows/microsoft. So, mix free and "owner" it is not good.

i have also dell and xp sp3 and never i have had the idea (s) to ask at the owner to help me formy free programms (they must laught at it i suppose...).