PDFCreator Terminal Server & HotFolder using same settings in a Cloud Environment - Again


We are running PDFCreator Terminal Server in a Cloud environment. We have 3 technical people on this team and 2 users. Once I define/set the settings/printers, etc on HotFolder, how can these settings be shared? I.E. tonight I had another person log into the Cloud and Start HotFolder. Yet, they had their own instance of HotFolder and had no setting. I have done a ton of testing with HotFolder, created the printer settings and finally gotten it to run.

Now, how can we make this shared? I.E. that once I configure everything, everyone else on the team can start HotFolder and what I have done is available to them. They do not get their own instance of HotFolder, they get the team instance of HotFolder where everyone has the same information and it is shared. I do not want them to have to redo what I have done or have their own configuration. This is the reason why we are running in the Cloud, to have everything shared with the team.

Can someone plz let me know how we can achieve this? Thanx in advance.



sorry for the delayed response, I answered part of it in Export/Import Hotfolder settings or *.ini file. I think users will always have their own HotFolder instance, but as long as it points to the same PDFCreator printer, all jobs will go into the same (shared) queue and folder.

Best regards