PDFCreator Terminal Server Issues

Installed PDFCreator on a terminal servers. and other users keep gettin the save/pring pop-up of other user's pdf. how can i resolve this?

Have you used the standard installation or the server installation?

i believe i did server install

I too am having this problem - did you find a resolution?


Ive been forced to uninstall until a resolution is made as some users are trying to save confidential data that other users should not have access to but are receiving the popup....



 I have also installed the server edition of this on a terminal server.  Whenever any user attempts to print a pdf, *every* user sees the print options pop up dialog box, not just the user that initiated the print job.

This is not workable for a multi-user environment.

Is there a 'fix' for this issue?

I fixed this issue by install PDFCreator in Standard Installation mode.

Other Users do not get the pop up when other users try to print.


I have the same problem. I installed the server mode but after I installed as a standard mode there is still a problem. Does anyone have a solution?

The reason for installing the server version is because some users did not get redirektied PDF Creator printer with a standard installation on the terminal server. All regular users have installed pdf creator as a printer on their computers.
When I set the server version, all they got redirected printer, but there is a problem that describes jrodri.

Now I have the same problem with the standard installation.

Please someone help!

Terminal server on Win 2008 server standard

Client PC Win XP Pro with RDP Client 6.1