PDFCreator Terminal Server vs PDFCreator Server

Reading through the details of the different versions of PDFCreator, it looks like the choice for the environment I’m looking for is either the Terminal Server or Server version. My client has a Citrix environment and wants to distribute the printer to end users.

The major decision about which version of the software is best for them seems to come from the decision about whether the client wants users to be prompted where to save the document, or having it auto saved to a network share (Using tokens to distinguish documents)

Is that correct?


if you want to put it simply, that is correct. 

You can find a direct comparison of the products here:

In a Citrix enviroment normally the Terminal Server version is used. 

Detailed information about both programs can be found here: 
and here

It is also possible to get a test license, so you can try and see what fits your needs the best. 

For a test license, please contact us at licensing(at)pdfforge(dot)org

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