PDFCreator v3.2.0 prints files as <name>.pdf.pdf

When using a profile script to print pdfs from Revit, all files come out as <filename.pdf>.pdf.

In other words, all files have .pdf.pdf when viewed in windows explorer. Is there a setting that I missed or is this something in the script?


by default, PDFCreator should remove any known filename extensions from the actual filename, unless the title replacement settings were modified. You can either check the title replacement settings in the PDFCreator application settings and add a replacement if needed, but of course it could also be something inside the script, especially if the script renames the files after PDFCreator converted them (PDFCreator will automatically add the proper extension during the converion).

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You might want to have a look at your profile and remove any unwanted .pdf (Profiles > Metadata > Title):


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