PDFcreator v5.1 fails to print, "pdfcmon, PDFCreator printer port" was not created during install

PDFcreator v5.1 fails to print
I installed on two Win7/32 platforms and a job would go into the queue but nether platform would print.

When I examined the PDFCreator setup all was there except the pdfcmon, PDFCreator printer port.
I could not downgrade. I had to uninstall v5.1 and then reinstall v5.03 but I lost all settings as there was no options to keep settings. Luckily I did make an old (2021) backup to an INI file and restored those settings on both platforms.

I stopped there and would not try on my Win10/64 platforms and posted here.

Well hat was a fruitless venture :frowning:

V5.1.1 was released and there was no response to my post and there was no change in the installer. On two Win7/32 PCs the "pdfcmon, PDFCreator printer port" was not created by V5.1.1.