Pdfcreator vs other pdf virtual printer

I think PDFcreator have some very different system then other printer. If I use Revit and need to change via API paper size then is going down. If I use other printer work all without problem.


sorry for the trouble.
I am afraid I don't quite understand your feedback completely.
Do you mean PDFCreator crashes after you change the paper size in Revit and print to PDFCreator?
You can set the logging level to "trace" inside the PDFCreator application settings to find information on the cause of the issue.

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I print from Revit with standard function with virtual printer and it's still faster then print via COM interface.
I need print many documents but in sample code c# is code that wait after all documents is sent and then the COM create each file. Better if I send one document then COM create file and other documents prepared.
I need also control output filename but it's still faster print all documents with standard function and then check file and rename.