PDFCreator Windows Server 2008


I was using PDFCreator version 2.5.3 that is installed on my Windows Server 2012.
Today I had a problem in my computer and unfortunately from now on I have to use Windows Server 2008. I try to install the PDFCreator on Windows Server 2008 but i´m receiving a message (Please Use PDFCreator Terminal Services). PDFCreator is integrated with my application. My code will be the same? There is a free version for Terminal Services). I just need to print as PDF using PDFCreator, I´m not intersted to use any different options or controls.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Rafael,

if you disable the remote desktop services on the 2008 Server, it should be possible to install/run the PDFCreator freeware there. Once the services are enabled, only PDFCreator Terminal Server will run, which isn’t available for free.

Best regards,