Pdfforge.dll not installed; .NET 1.1:true

pdfforge.dll, necessary for signing will not install although .NET 1.1 is available.

SetupLog.txt shows:

.Net 1.1: true
.Net 1.1 regasm.exe:C:\\W98\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework\\v2.0.50727\\RegAsm.exe

It looks like there is something wrong with the registry-key for regasm.exe and that the wrong RegAsm is used.

Uninstall/reinstall .NET 1.1 did not help.

Does anybody know of a solution? Perhaps a manual registration/installation of pdfforge.dll or manual repair of regkey?


yes, it is true the the pdfforge.dll now uses .Net 2.0. This is because we use iTextSharp which again  has switched to .Net 2.0 since 5.0 and we also hope to reduce problems with a missing .Net 1.1 installation on Vista / Windows 7 installations.

It seems that some parts of PDFCreator and the Help still talk about .Net 1.1, so we need to update that as well.

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I found the cause and also a workaround.

The reference to .NET 1.1 in the log is misleading. That should be .NET 2.0! So the path to regasm.exe of .NET 2.0 was correct after all.


Windows 98 (it did matter afer all) does not have the environment variable "SystemRoot".  Consequently pdfcreator can't find  the .NET 2.0 directory and assumes pdfforge.dll is not installed (Common\\modGeneral.bas line 2339).


Set a variable "SystemRoot" in AUTOEXEC.BAT. That variable should point to the Windows Directory.

So, if the Windows Directory is C:\\WINDOWS then add the following  to AUTOEXEC.BAT:

SET systemroot=C:\\WINDOWS



Register the dll with something like this: regasm /codebase pdfforge.dll


Thank you. Unfortunately this causes a "System.OutOfMemoryException".

The same happens with: regasm /unregister pdfforge.dll

(An incorrect filename causes a "can't find", so my path is ok.)

Any more ideas? BTW it is a Win98 system but that shouldn't really matter.