PDFs created through a Windows Remote Desktop Session are huge

Hi everyone,

i have encountered a strange problem that i have not been able to find a solution to.

I start a Remote Desktop Session on our Terminal Server and want to
print something on my local machine using the forwarded pdfcreator it
properly creates the pdf on my local desktop but this pdf is usually at
least 1 mb big and besides my intended information filled with junk.
The pdf looks all right but it is way too big.

If I create the same pdf localy and not through the remote desktop session everything is fine.

This seems to be a problem with every pdf creator software I tested so far and not only with PDFCreator.

I could install the creator locally on the terminal server but this is
not really what I want because I would cannot save them on my local
machine this way.

Does someone have an idea on that?

Thanks in advance