PenWes malware installed with PDFCreator? (part 1)

I have been using this software for years to my great satisfaction, and I do not loose an opportunity to recommend it.

I must say that I was disappointed to see that installation of the release 1.2.3 lead to the installation of another software, PenWes, that I consider a malware (be it considering the silent way it is installed).

I give some details below on what leads me to this conclusion; as you can see, I do not say that PDFCreator is or contains a malware, but I am almost sure that the installation process may lead in some cases to the installation of PenWes malware, and suggest that some investigation be done to check this.

I remain for the time being a supporter of PDFCreator, and I am now going to visit in more details the new site as well as the new features as PDF Architect.

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PS: after several unsuccesfuls attempts to send my post, I am splitting it; part 2 follows in next post