Plans to reintroduce 1.X features

I am using 1.7.0, the latest version of the old feature set that I can find. I use it because I often make complex documents, printing pages from one place with pages from another. The old version makes it easy to create a single PDF from original documents that are not easy to combine otherwise. I’m curious is there are any plans to make 2.X support the old 1.X features? I understand that the rewrite was necessary, and while it is certainly prettier and you get a document out of it with less fuss than before, most of the functionality that was in 1.X still seems to be missing. Am I just not seeing where it is exposed?


I’m not sure if I get that right, but it seems you want to to combine multiple documents to a single one. Is this right?
If so, this feature is not missing. You can find the documentation here:

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