Poor Customer Service and Refund Help

I have been auto renewed and did not agree to have this performed. I have contacted UpClick on issue but they keep telling me that I have to be contacted via email by PDF Architects support@pdfarchitect.zendesk.com which they have See Statement below.

"My name is Claire and I am contacting you regarding your refund request for PDF Architect software.

I’m very sorry to hear that you were caught off guard by our billing.
I can totally get how it can be frustrating to receive a charge that you weren’t expecting.

As a customer, your satisfaction and success are the motivation for all we do—which is why we’ll always do everything we can to make your customer experience better. If, however, you feel like the software doesn’t fulfill your needs or you are not intending to use it in the future, we’re here to help make things right.
I went ahead and consulted with the billing department.

I’m able to offer you to change your annual PDF Architect Plan license to PDF Architect PRO+OCR lifetime license without any additional payments (no renewals in future).

Please be informed that OCR module allows you to make your scanned documents editable so that you could modify PDFs or convert them to Word correctly. When a scanner creates a PDF, it captures images and assembles them into a PDF file but the text inside images is not editable unless you recognize it using OCR module.

Moreover, I will be happy to offer you our free technical assistance in case you have any questions or concerns on using the program.

I will appreciate your quick response and hope you accept my offer.

Please note that no changes with your account have been made at this time, I’m awaiting your response."

PDF Architect
Customer Support

I requested a refund in response to this but they have since gone silent. If UpClick is your billing then they should be able to refund just as easily as taking a payment. Go in and refund and say sorry for renewal. Any help would be appreciative.

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Hi @EGibsontx

We're sad to hear that you didn't receive another message and would like to investigate the issue.
Could you please send me your purchase ID in a direct message?