"PostScript Custom Page Size" versus "Benutzerdefinierte Seitengröße für PostScript"

I use PDFCreator

  • with german language
  • locally installed on a PC
  • which uses also PDF- and PS-devices via Network
  • is integrated in a company-network
  • and get its Windows-servicepacks and upgrades and patches via automatic installed

Now I have a problem with "automatically" change of language, because I use Scripts for printing in AutoCAD and the scripts use an exactly defined name of paper size:

  • For two years, I have to use the english version and defined ""PostScript Custom Page Size" (although PDF Creator is German).
  • Last month, there was an update (patches ...) - and the paper size appeared in german: "Benutzerdefinierte Seitengröße für PostScript"
  • Today was the next update - it switched back to english.

What happens here? Is there a superposition / conflict of local and network devices?

Thanks for help.