Preperation of legal documents


First of all, PDF-Creator is an excellent aplication which I install on ALL Windows computers I set up for Clients and Friends!

I am currently working with a New York City based lawyer.  Some of the courts in New York State/City actually RECCOMEND the use of your poduct for use in producing PDF files for submission to the Courts! ;^)

We do have some issues which if resolved, could make your product even better for the legal profession.

1) Bates Numbering:  On the bottom right corner of legal documents in the margin we need to add a unique "Bates Stamp such as "RSI 000123".  The number would increment by one for each page of each document created.  This is a feature of Adobe Acrobat, but not your product. ( )

2) I need a simple way for a lawyer, who is not a technical person, using the GUI app to be able to convert many jpeg images to PDF files, keeping the original base name of the image file as the base name of the PDF file, in a batch mode.  For example: 123-ABC.jpg is converted to 123-ABC.pdf.  I don't want the user to have to enter the name each time.  Yes, I know about Images2PDF, but it appears I need to enter in the filename, and other data each time I save a file.  Also, I might want to combine several seperate images into one PDF file, but in other cases, one image file, per PDF file, of the same base name.

3) It would also be great to be able to add text stamps to the pdf files along with the Bates numbers, at the same time.  For example my client currently needs to add "Redacted", and "Confidential", and specify where on the pdf file the words should appear.  Not as Watermarks, and not overwriting an of the text in the document.

Thanks for a great product, and would be happy to work with you on any of these proposed features!


Rick Stanley