Presto! + PDFCreater (not always) saving scanned document

Hi all,

I use Windows 10 x64 with 3 different users, which are all Administrators.
All users have the same config:
RICOH Aficio MP 171SPF printer
Presto! which is configured to “numerize” to PDFCreator
Doing a Preview works on all 3 users.
When closing, for one user: PDFCreater launches, I can choose options to save and finally Adobe opens with the newly scanned document in PDF. Perfect!

For the 2 other users: The document is printed. It is not saved, anywhere (automatic saving is not enabled in PDF Creator)

The 2 ‘broken’ accounts are from my parents, they say it just stopped working…
I have updated PDF Creator to the last version as of 29th of August 2016.

I haven’t been able to find anything related, I will keep looking through the forums.
Any help hugely appreciated, thanks.

Using Presto! with ie Page Manager (instead of PDF Creator) does work… But I’d like to find the reason behind it not working


please set the logging level to “trace” in the debug section of the application settings on the machines where it isn’t working and post the resulting log here or send it to support(at)

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