Print a pdf graphics fies to pdfcreator generates wrong oriented pages and bad graphics

Each time i try to crate a png or eps or other format files from an existing pdf especially graphics, i obtain wrong oriented pages with bad graphics or low quality resolution. I'v tried to change more and more parameters to print (each in acrobat and pdfcreator) but i think that there's someting wrong in my configuration on incompatibility with other programs.

I'm using, Windows Xp SP3, on a processor intel i3, Acrobat Reader 9 or 8 and i'm trying to print to pdfcreator 1.2 ...... i've obtained best results with reader 8.

I've just installed an older version of Acrobat reader 7 and all is ok !

But Why this happen ?

I've noted similar problems in other systems...

What can i do ? What's wrong ?