Print after saving margin errors


I want to print a document on A4 paper after saving it to PDF, but the impression is coming out with the footer cut off.

I tried to set the paper type, in my print application, in PDFCreator and also in print preferences, but it continues to crop the lower margins.

the PDF file generated by PDF Creator does not have the border of the footer cropped, only the print is coming out with the problem.

What can I do?



does this only happen if you let PDFCreator directly print the file after conversion, or also if you manually print the converted file from any viewer?

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for the feedback!

This problem happens when printing directly after document conversion.



in this case you can probably work around the issue by using the "script" action from the advanced profile settings instead of the inbuilt print action. You won't need to write any script, it can be used to execute any application. To silently print the output document without any further interaction, you could use SumatraPDF, which is a very lightweight PDF viewer. Point the "script file" to the SumatraPDF.exe and use -print-to as "additional parameters".

The inbuilt print action just sends the printing data (that was originally sent to the PDFCreator printer) to another printer and doesn't actually print the output document.

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