Print area problems


Windows XP SP3, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, PDFCreator 1.4.0 (1.3.2 too)

I use PDFCreator to save JPEG images of Excel sheets. When I print document using any real laser printer, it prints 1 page. But if print the same document with PDFCreator, then I get 3 images with table parts. Seems like print area of PDFCreator is smaller than area of real printer.

Sample file

It is problem for me, because PDFCreator used as a "background" printer, and all of settings should be adjusted automatically via COM-interface, without participation of user.

Hope for you help.



the printing area of PDFCreator is actaully larger then on a physical printer. It is the whole page without any marins. If you set all margins to 0 in excel, it will print as 1 page.