Print Dialog Not Coming Up After 1.4.0 Upgrade

I just updated to 1.4.0.  When I print, the PDFCreator print dialog doesn't come up.  By chance, I decided to start the PDFCreator PDF Print Monitor manually and all my print jobs started to go into the print monitor as each of the jobs I submitted, their respective print dialog came up.  So it's definitely queuing up the jobs, but something is keeping the dialog from popping so I can save/cancel/etc. and bringing up the monitor manually is "unblocking" whatever that is.



it would be very helpfull, if you could install 1.4.0 again and enable logging by adding the following DWORD (32 bit) value to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Print\\Monitors\\pdfcmon in your registry: name : Logging, value :1. This will cause PDFCreator to create an advanced logfile at %Windir%\\Temp\\_pdfcmonLog.txt. Also activate logging in PDFCreator (under printer in main menu) and send us the logs ( It will help us to identify and solve the problem.





Hi Robin,

Hey, I found the solution to this issue.  Check out my two posts in the other thread here:

Thanks for your help.

After a lot of debugging and many users sending us their pdfcmon logs, we have finally tracked down this issue.

Most likely the second entry here will help you:

If not, please post a comment there together with the pdfcmon.log

kind regards,