Print job opening in wrong version of Adobe

I'm trying to run this on a Metaframe box.  I have Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat on the server as well.  I want PDF's to open in Reader to Acrobat.  During my installs of Reader and Acrobat I made sure that PDF's that are opened normally open in Reader.

When printing a PDF the newly printed document opens in Acrobat and not Reader which I was hoping for. 

Is there a way to force the PDF to open in Reader or disable opening PDF all together after printing a document?


Please. :)

I figured it out.  Change the file type associations.


ftype AcroExch.Document="Q:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Reader 8.0\\Reader\\AcroRd32.exe" "%1"

ftype AcroExch.Document.7="Q:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Reader 8.0\\Reader\\AcroRd32.exe" "%1"