Print Page Resize

Good mornig.

I have tested PDFCreator and it work great.

I just have one question, is it possible to reduce the page size from A4 to A5 like in some printers (laser printers) in printer properties.



you can reduce the page size, but it will not shrink the contents of the page, so everything extending A5 would get cut off in your example. You will need to set this this in the application you are printing from, if you need to shrink the contents.

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i have found a walkarround just for reference.
in printer i have set the page to A4.

I print to PDFCreator i set it to autosave to D:\teste.pdf
the script: AcroRd32.exe /N /T D:\teste.pdf PDFA5

i have another printer PDFA5 that has the page size to A5.

and that it. now i can scale the pages to any size i want just need to set the page size on the second printer.

Thanks for a great software.

One more thing i my case if adobe reder is not open adobe will still stay open after print and pdfcreator will get stuck until close reader.

To resolve that i used Acrobat Wrapper (acrowrap``)