Print to email, works locally not on print server

I have a report that can only be sent to a printer not an email. So the idea was to install this software, that way on the back end the print job will be created automatically and sent to the email every time the report was created.

This works, locally but no on my print server. I was wondering if I need the server version if this will work and if there was a demo of the server version so I can test the entire workflow to see if it will work before buying.



if you are using the SMTP action to send the mails, this will work in the server version.
Please contact support(at) if you’d like a 30 day trial license.

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I got the server version, installed it on the print server but I still can’t get my document to be sent to an email.

If I add the printer that was configured on the print server on a networked computer, I should be able to print to that printer with the email to be sent.

Right now it only works on the print server. When I added that printer on a networked computer (not the server) and I can see that it gets the document being sent to the printer on the print server but no email is being sent.

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please set the logging level to “trace” in the PDFCreator Server GUI and send us the log capturing a failed attempt. Does a PDF get created but not get sent, or does no PDF get created at all?

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It is not being created and I got an error code. The error code says the default printer is invalid